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Conferencing Services / Restorative Mediation Practices

PCRMS under Dr. Millicent Carvalho has developed a successful approach to conflict resolution, which utilizes several different approaches to conflict resolution as opposed to the boilerplate (one-size-fits-all) approach utilized by the majority of other conflict resolution practitioners.



Restorative Practices/Conferencing

Family and Community Conferencing

Conferencing is a restorative practice that focuses more on repairing relationships negatively affected by conflict rather than just the conflict that the relationship produces.  This is important to consider in situations where there is an ongoing relationship between parties in conflict, multiple parties or parties are indirectly involved but affected by the conflict.

Conferencing increases resiliency (the ability to respond to conflict in positive ways).  It empowers individuals (and individuals charged to make changes in organizations) to make choices that allow them to be proactive and create their own futures. Individuals with an internal locus of control (able to make their own decisions) are better able to adjust to change and to cope with difficult situations more effectively.  Thus, they are more resilient. The practice of conflict resolution, however, has been slow to incorporate restorative practices.

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Additionally, we produce educational podcasts that show people how to deal with unmitigated conflict in the home, on the streets, in schools and around the world. Visit the Radio Show Website Featuring Dr. Carvalho:
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