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Organizational Development and Managing Change

PCRMSÂ’ services are culturally relevant and tailored to the specific needs of individual client organizations.

PCRMS under Dr. Millicent Carvalho has developed a successful approach to conflict resolution, which utilizes several different approaches to conflict resolution as opposed to the boilerplate (one-size-fits-all) approach utilized by the majority of other conflict resolution practitioners.



Organizational Development is a strategic approach to developing change.

Other the other hand, the management of change, is the actual implementation and results in getting stakeholder buy-in and removing barriers to change.

These involve two different sets of skills and require different methodologies, despite having the same ultimate goals. 

Any misstep with either the development or implementation/management of change can wreak havoc on the best intentions. If there is a lack of consistency in communications regarding the implementation of change, assigned duties or a lack of clarity needed to adequately perform the assigned duties, the ambiguity can lead to anxious reactions by staff at all levels.

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Additionally, we produce educational podcasts that show people how to deal with unmitigated conflict in the home, on the streets, in schools and around the world. Visit the Radio Show Website Featuring Dr. Carvalho:
Why Can't We Get Along Radio Show

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